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Book Review: The Dividend Toolkit

When Matt from Dividend Monk asked me to review his new E-book, I eagerly agreed and told him I’d whip up a post when I finished reading it. My normal experience with investment E-books is to read through the 10 or 40 pages and be grateful I never paid for the heap of regurgitated information. My eyes widened when I saw the 1/200 pages in the adobe acrobat menu and I believe an “oh my” popped out of my mouth. Matt writes amazing material so I knew I would be in for a treat!

Hello, Mr. elephant

I know what you’re thinking so let’s address the elephant in the room. The cost of the Dividend Toolkit is $16.00 and is available through PayPal here. Before you jump to conclusions here me out; this is not your average investing E-book! I’ve never read an E-book filled with such detailed and genuine information in my life. Whether you are just starting out or you think you know everything there is about dividend investing, The Dividend Toolkit will take you through the basics as well as advanced chapters on finding the right companies to invest in and create a dependable flow of passive income.

Shop smart, shop Monk mart!

 Matt’s own unique approach to analyzing a company is broken down step-by-step in easy to understand instructions. He shows you exactly what you need to look for on every financial statement allowing for quick, yet thorough, analysis of any potential dividend stock. It’s the same process he uses for every stock analysis on his website and newsletter. In case you missed it, you can sign up for free to his monthly newsletter on his website Dividend Monk. I’ve learned a lot from Matt over the years and I hold him in high esteem in the world of investing blogs.

Personal finance and psychology

Matt explains how personal finance is as much about psychology as it is about the numbers. He also explains that people who dabble with the stock market may win sometimes, but overall they will never truly succeed in building long term wealth. Those who take the time to make good investment decisions and add investment capital over the long term will grow their passive income streams, allowing them financial independence.

Easy to use valuation sheet

Included in the Dividend Toolkit is an excel spreadsheet with four tools that help you efficiently determine the range of values for any stock or company. The discounted cash flow (DCF) and the dividend discount model (DDM) are the two methods used to determine the fair value of a stock. Thanks to the examples and straightforward instructions, even a dummy like me was able to use the spreadsheet tools with ease.

All meat, no filler

I can’t stress enough the quality and detail that went into the Dividend Toolkit. Most E-books contain funny illustrations and added hi-jinks to increase the page numbers. I can attest that there are no page fillers in Matt’s book. It’s chock-full of useful information as well as colorful yet informative diagrams and charts that help you to learn Matt’s stock analysis process in a timely manner.
I personally feel more confident with my investments after reading the Dividend Toolkit and I highly recommend it to anyone whether they are just starting out or have been investing for some time. You’re going to spend at least $20 on other investing books that keep telling you the same thing over and over, so why not try The Dividend Toolkit and learn something new?  I give this book 5/5 loonies. Try it! The Dividend Toolkit

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