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Dividend Growth Investor Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Dear Readers,

I have a special deal for you on through this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I would like to offer a subscription to my premium newsletter for a low price of $65/year. You can sign up for a 7 day free trial below:

Instead of waking up early after your Thanksgiving feast, and waiting in line in the cold, you can simply sign up online and gain a wealth of knowledge at your finger tips.

As part of this limited time promotion, you will receive the following:

- Ten Dividend Stock Ideas I am investing in for the month
- A list of dividend portfolio holdings
- Valuable Education to help you towards your journey to financial independence

The goal of this dividend newsletter is to provide a real-world and real-time educational tool, to help achieve dividend investing goals. I provide a listing of ten companies that I will purchase with my own money, and show you how I build and manage a portfolio from scratch. The newsletter includes detailed analysis of each company, and includes bonus materials on dividend growth investing.

In my investing, I believe in the following principles:
- Buy and hold investing
- Dividend Growth Investing
- Dividend Safety
- Value Investing
- Diversification
- Equal weighting
- Keeping investment costs low

I put all of these concepts together in building and managing the portfolio in the Dividend Growth Investor newsletter. I believe that this newsletter will provide educational insights to investors in the accumulation phase, as well as those who are at or near retirement.

The concepts discussed in the newsletter are the same ones I have used for over a decade to build my dividend growth stock portfolio.

If you subscribe today at the low introductory price of $65/year, your price will never increase. I believe that this newsletter is a bargain at less than 20 cents/day. Sing up for a free trial today:

The next edition comes out on Sunday, November 25. It would include ten dividend companies I am including in my portfolio. I will make a real money investment in those companies on Monday, November 26.