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An Exciting New Beginning

First off, I’m terribly sorry about my absence as of late. But I do think it’s all been for a good cause.
While I haven’t been writing new content three times per week like you readers have long come to expect, I have been working hard behind the scenes to solidify the future and legacy of this site and its message.
As such, I’m here today to announce a new, exciting path forward for the site that is more sustainable than ever before.

Handing Over Day-To-Day Management

I use the word “sustainable” there for a reason. And that’s because the blog has grown so much over the last year or so that my ability to handle everything – administration, content, emails, comments, etc. – has recently fallen short of the level it needs to be to make sure the site hums along as it should.
Now, I’m extremely thankful for this growth. But not necessarily because of the income that the blog might or might not generate due to extra traffic. If there’s anything I’ve tried to convey since I started this blog, it’s that all of this – the journey, the saving, the investing, the fighting – is about more time, freedom, flexibility, autonomy, and, ultimately, following your passions. Rather, I’ve been thankful for that growth because of the additional eyeballs that have come across the site and the message, and I’m so glad to be in a position to inspire even more people.
Well, it’s inspiring others that has really been my biggest passion all along. And I think I’m most able to do that when I’m writing and sharing my experiences/ideas. I’ve mentioned numerous times that I have a huge passion for writing. And that passion hasn’t abated at all.
However, I don’t recall ever discussing my passion for the administration of a somewhat large website. That’s because I don’t have a passion for that. Unfortunately, though, running a website is a lot more than just putting together articles that you think will help others. And the larger the site grows, the more time consuming these ancillary processes become.
At some point recently – maybe over the last two or three months – the administration of this blog has become a part-time job unto itself. But it’s really a part-time job I never wanted. And it’s a part-time job that takes away from the writing (which is another part-time job) that I’m so passionate about. Moreover, I’ve become concerned that everything that’s involved in the daily running of a site like this would eventually burn me out, burning away my passion for writing right with it.
So I decided recently to take on a partnership that I think will benefit everyone.

What Will Change

This partnership allows me to step away from daily operations and focus completely on content creation. And I couldn’t be more excited about that. I won’t have to deal with advertisers, dozens of daily emails related to the site, plugins, hosting issues, or anything else. Just content. And interacting with you readers just like I always have, of course, so that I can potentially help as many people as possible.
However, because of the nature of this partnership, there are some financial arrangements involved. Because of that, I will no longer be able to post my monthly budgets, recapping my income and expenses for the prior month. It’s a shame, and it’s a decision I didn’t take lightly. But there’s another party involved here and it’s only right to keep their numbers private.
One other aspect that will change is that there will be some new perspectives brought on board. So you’ll see articles by some new writers that we think will offer even more value to you guys. I’ve written more than 700 articles now here at the blog and I’ve started to secretly fear that keeping up this pace I’ve been on will at some point just see me repeating myself. You guys don’t want that. And I certainly don’t want that. Slowing the pace down a bit will allow me to keep things fresh, fun, and as inspirational as possible. I don’t ever want to write just to write.
But I’ll still be contributing regularly. After all, this whole idea came about to make sure that I could keep writing. I’m not going anywhere at all. And I still plan on being a very active member of this community, which has grown tremendously since I first started this site back in early 2011.
In addition, I’ll be a bit more difficult to contact directly because the emails will now be handled for me. But you guys know how to find me if you need me – social media, the comment stream here, etc.

What Won’t Change

Everything else will continue on like normal. And that’s what I’m most excited about. This deal cements the this site’s continuation for years and years to come.
You’ll still be getting regular content that’s as high quality as it gets. I’ll still be here to provide the best stuff I can while updating my results all along the way. And the community we’ve formed will obviously still be here as well.


All in all, this site will take the best of everything it’s ever been while augmenting that in a fresh, new way that is really exciting.
And I happen to think this is a really great move that benefits everyone. It benefits me by reducing my workload down to a more manageable level and allowing me to focus on that which I truly enjoy. Meanwhile, it benefits you readers by virtue of the content staying fresh and new, the site continuing to run and grow past my ability to run it, and potentially new features brought about that could add to what’s already been built here. There are so many ideas I’ve had over the years to make this site even bigger and better, but I’ve just lacked the time and/or interest to implement them. This move makes a lot of things possible.
So I hope you all stick around to see what’s next. A bigger and better site lies ahead!
Thanks for reading.

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