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What Being On Vacation Taught Me About Investing

Ok, this is going to be a real short post from me on The DIV-Net as I am currently living it up in the Canary Islands on a bit of a vacation with some good friends and family. As I sit here and log into one of the slowest Wi-Fi services I have experienced in a long time I once again have been reminded about what is important in life.

It is very easy to get sucked into watching the markets all the time - listening to CNBC and reading newspapers about how bad things are and how they are going to only get worse. That may be true, and it is not a good situation we are all in right now. However, as a long term investor what happens day to day and even month to month does not really matter. In 25+ years this too will seem like a blip in the historical investment timeframe - even if it isn't then all we can do is build a core portfolio to meet the market performance and hope for the best.

While on vacation, it has been good to be disconnected from my portfolio. I hope that I can do it more in the future.

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