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My Dividend Growth Plan

Welcome to The DIV-Net. My name is MG (not my real name), and I'll be your host every hump day on this exciting new resource for dividend and value investing junkies. Feel free to check out my random musings on investing and personal finance over at my blog the moneygardener.

Whether you are just learning about investing in the stock market, or you've been investing for years and want to now take control of your portfolio, you need a plan. By a 'plan' I mean you need a philosophy, a strategy that you'll take with you on your journey to wherever you want money to take you. Investing seriously can be a mental and emotional roller coaster, and without a plan you'll be left languishing with your cotton candy in line, while others who stick to their strategy ride with their hands in the air. I outline my investing philosophy on my blog; my portfolio and personality as an investor live and breathe that philosophy. I'll outline it below in order for readers of The DIV-Net to know me a little better as an investor:

  • I'm foremost a buyer, seldom a seller, with a view to the long-term
  • I'll only buy stocks that I would average down on
  • I will be patient, disciplined and stick to my system
  • I don't worry or panic, and I always remember my initial reason for the purchase
  • Dividends are half the journey
  • Consistency, quality, brands, and demographics matter

Next week I plan on elaborating on that last point in my investing philosophy. Specifically why I feel that focusing on consistency and brands will allow me to excel as a dividend growth investor over the long term. Once again I want to welcome readers to The DIV-Net, and thank all those involved in putting this network together.

This article was written by the moneygardener. You may email questions or comments to me at themoneygardener(at)gmail(dot)com.