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Free Investing Books to Round Out Your Investing Knowledge

Welcome to my inaugural post here at the DIV-Net. I thought I would start this out with a bang and provide something that we all can get for free! Google has been busy scanning all the books in the world and making many of them available for free. I was browsing around the Google site and low and behold found out a number of free investment related books, including some dealing with dividend investing.

Keep in mind that like many free things, it is not perfect. Some of the books are limited preview - meaning that you can't get the entire books for free. Google strategically hides pages because of copyright laws. However, in my look through many of the books that I will present below a lot of the good information from the book is provided. And hey, it is free.

Here are the books that I thought would have been of interest to you dividend investors out there. Make sure you look in the right sidebar and click the plus sign beside the word Contents and then the More link so you can see the full contents of the book that is available for you to check out. Once you finish with these ones, be sure to look around Google Books for other investing books that might be of interest to you.

All About Dividend Investing

Relative Dividend Yield

All About DRIPs and DSPs

The 100 Best Dividend-paying Stocks to Own in America

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Fire Your Stock Analyst

How to Trade in Stocks

The 100 Best Stocks You Can Buy 2008

That is a list of some pretty big books in the investing world! I hope you enjoy reading through them as much as I did. Again, although they are not full copies of the books that are better than nothing. Thanks to Google for making this their mission!

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