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DIV-Net Information

DIV-Net is organized into two groups of members Core Members and Associate members. Core Membership is limited to 4-7 members. These members are responsible for maintaining The DIV-Net site, and network. Currently, all open spots are filled and thus we are not adding any Core Members at this time.

We are accepting applications for Associate Members. The criteria for an Associate Member is listed below:

  1. Maintains a site that focuses on Dividend Investing, Value Investing or a long-term buy-and-hold philosophy
  2. The site has at least 3 months of operational history
  3. The site has a minimum of 4 original articles a month (prior 3 months will be evaluated)
Responsibilities and Privilages of Associate Members
  1. Associate Members in good standing may submit an original unpublished article for consideration to be published on The DIV-Net site. Click here for more information.
  2. All posts on The DIV-Net are available for members (Core and Associate) for reposting on their site, with the authors permission, proper attribution and a back-link.
  3. A 3-line listing and a link to your site on The DIV-Net's Associates page.
  4. Must prominently display member badge on your site's home page, along with associated links.
  5. Associate Members site links will periodically be displayed on the DIV-Net badge.
If you have questions, comments, or you would like your site to be considered for an Associate Membership, please send an email to and include your site's URL.