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3 Recent Buys

A quick update on recent buys in my portfolio. After a lot of sales in March, I have decided to start wading back into the markets as the volatility subsides. I don’t know if these are good entry points or if more pain is ahead of us, but putting a bit of money to work seems prudent. Time will tell if this is a mistake or not.

  • First purchase: I re-initiated my position in S&P Global Inc (SPGI) @ $259.00. SPGI is one of my high conviction ideas that I believe will continue to do very well as the debt market expands. If you are looking to learn more, YourMTLBroker recently wrote a good overview post on SPGI here.
  • Second purchase: I re-initiated my position in Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) @ $1,199.00. Another high conviction idea for me even though I believe the stock price will be under pressure as the world cuts back on the ad spending. GOOGL still relies heavily on the ad market for the bulk of its revenue, but after selling GOOGL at $1500+ 4-5 weeks ago, I dont mind getting back in under $1200. I am starting off with a 1/4 position for now and will continue building to full position on weakness.
  • Third purchase: A completely new holding that I’ve never held before. I’ve had my eye on some names in fintech and finally decided to jump in during the ongoing correction. I initiated a position in Visa Inc (V) @ $166.00. Over the course of past few months, Ive had analysis-paralysis when coming to terms in picking between V & MA – they are both great companies and come with some pros and cons. Maybe I’ll just end up with both in the portfolio in the future? But for now, I have a small starter position in V with this move.
What are your thoughts on these purchases. Share a comment below.
Full Disclosure: Long SPGI, GOOGL, V. Our full list of holdings is available here.

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