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14 Dividend Growth Stocks I Bought Last Month

I launched my Dividend Growth Investor Newsletter in July 2018, in an effort to educate investors how I build a dividend growth portfolio from scratch. I invest $1,000 per month in ten dividend growth stocks. The goal of this portfolio is to generate $1,000 in monthly dividend income. I expect this goal to be hit by the early 2030s. This is a long-term portfolio, with the goal of generating a dependable stream of dividend income, which will grow on its own, even without adding new money to it.

 I have tried to distill all the lessons I have learned over the past one or two decades of writing this site and investing in dividend growth stocks. Notably, I try to focus on:

1) Quality companies with a track record of annual dividend increases
2) Diversification
3) Slowly building of positions
4) Proper risk management
5) Keeping investment turnover and costs low

Readers of my premium newsletter receive a listing of the companies I am investing in each month. This newsletter also discusses these companies in more detail.

Readers also receive an updated list of dividend portfolio holdings at the end of each month as well. I share investments in real-time, and provide trade confirmations to readers.

I just posted the list of dividend growth stocks I bought over the past month in my April 2020 Newsletter.

 You can sign up for the newsletter today. I offer a 7 day free trial, which will allow you to check the last edition, and see if this service fits your educational needs.

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