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Passive Income Update – Sep 2019

Welcome to our monthly passive income update for Sep 2019. This is part of the scorecard series where I track our dividends and other sources of passive income. I also include changes and updates related to our investments during the month – showing the overall progress.

Passive Income  Update

Passive income for the month of Sep 2019 was CAD$868.26, which comprised of US$184.35 and CAD$623.07 (exchange rate is US$1 = CAD$1.33).

The change for the month is -18.06% QoQ and 55.03% YoY for the month. This brings our passive income to $6,870.28 YTD and achieves 85.88% of our annual goal of earning $8K.

Income Sources

Passive income contributing entities:
  • Brookfield Asset Management (BAM.A.TO)
  • Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP.UN.TO)
  • Canadian Utilities Ltd (CU.TO)
  • Franco Nevada Corp (FNV.TO)
  • Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
  • Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM.TO)
  • BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF (ZAG.TO)
  • BMO EM CAD Hedged Bond ETF (ZEF.TO)
  • iShares Core Growth ETF Portfolio (XGRO.TO)
  • iShares Emerging Market Fundamental Index ETF (CWO.TO)
  • Vanguard Emerging Market Bond ETF (VWOB)
  • Scotia Diversified Monthly Income Fund (mutual fund)
  • Advertising revenue from this blog
  • Interest on cash
  • Cashback credit card
The breakdown of our passive income contributing entities: dividends & options totaled $810.16 and other passive income totaled $58.09.

Portfolio Activity

Dividend Increases

  • None

Added Positions

During the month, we added the following position to our portfolio
  • Brookfield Asset Management (BAM.A.TO)
  • *New company* – post coming soon
  • Scotia Diversified Monthly Income Fund (mutual fund) *DRIP*
  • US Equity & International Equity Index Mutual Funds
  • iShares Growth ETF Portfolio (XGRO.TO)

Closed Position

During the month, we closed our position in
That’s all folks! Hope you had a great September as well. Be sure to share your thoughts, comments or concerns below. I love hearing from the readers.

Disclosure: Our full list of holdings is available here.

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