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2 Recent Buys – BAM, TWLO

A quick update on two purchases in my portfolio. A correction seems to be ongoing and I decided to put some capital to work. One new company added to my portfolio in this iteration of purchases.

  • First purchase: I added 50 shares of Brookfield Asset Management (BAM.A.TO) @ CAD$66.95. Brookfield has been gobbling up assets across the world at a record pace. With alternate assets in demand and blue sky outlook over the coming years and decades, BAM is still a great buy at these levels. The stock yields 1.32% and adds US$32.00 in annual dividends.
  • Second purchase: A new position and my first SaaS stock. I opened a new position with 25 shares of Twilio Inc (TWLO) @ $124.84. This will be a bit more speculative on my part as it deviates a bit from my usual type of investments. Twilio is a programmable communication platform, with no direct competition and rapid growth in revenue (85% YoY revenue growth as of Q2 2019) and a ‘Rule of 40’ of 76%. The company boasts 162K businesses as customers, with more being added each quarter. The company makes extremely sticky software that has high switching costs (read: wide moat), but comes with risks based on current valuation. I have been tweeting about this company over the past few weeks — see this thread for more info.
What are your thoughts on these purchases. Share a comment below.
Full Disclosure: Long BAM.A.TO, TWLO. Our full list of holdings is available here.

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