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Ten Dividend Growth Stocks For April 2019

I launched my premium Dividend Growth Investor newsletter in July 2018 with the main goal of educating individual investors and empowering them to learn how to achieve their goals. I use the experience accumulated in my own investing over the past decade and a half, as a guideline for my newsletter.

I discuss the process to identify and research individual companies, in order to come up with ten investments that I am considering every single month. I go through the process of analyzing quantitative and qualitative factors behind each investment I make.

I go a step further, because I put $1,000 of my own money every month behind each one of these investments. This is a real money portfolio, that generates real dividends.

My goal is to educate investors, as I keep investing and building that future income through new contributions, organic dividend increases and strategic dividend reinvestment. The ultimate goal of this portfolio is to generate $1,000 in monthly dividend income.

By investing money every month, readers are able to see companies that I find attractively valued today. It is of little value to you as a reader that I purchased Visa in 2011 at a cost of $34/share. It is much more educational to learn which companies are selling at attractive valuations today. I believe that great companies should be accumulated at attractive valuations, and then held on for the long term.

Of course, I do more than just provide a list of ten attractively valued companies. I discuss the steps I take to build a dividend portfolio whose goal is to generate safe long-term dividend income. I also share the process of managing this portfolio, and important steps on wealth accumulation. I am a buy and hold investor at heart, who believes in diversification and the idea of developing and following a common sense investment process to reach my investment objectives. I rarely sell, and believe that time in the market beats timing the market. This is why I am investing in ten attractively valued dividend stocks every single month.

For a limited time, you can subscribe the newsletter at a low annual price of $65/year. This is an exclusive low price that will be available by the end of April.

You can sign up through Paypal by clicking on the link below:

As part of this promotion, I offer a 7 day free trial. Once you sign up, I will add you to the list and send you the April 2019 newsletter on Sunday, April 28. I will purchase these companies on Monday, April 29.  I will then send a list of dividend portfolio holdings by May 5.