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2 Recent Buys – XGRO, RNX

A quick update on a couple of purchases in our portfolios.

First purchase was same transaction repeated in two different portfolios – one in Mrs R2R’s RRSP, and the other in Baby R2R’s RESP account. For these portfolios, I follow a index investing approach and lately I’ve been thinking of moving to a simpler multiasset portfolio holding. I recently previewed the multiasset ETF options available in Canada. Based on that review, I decided to initiate a position in iShares Growth ETF Portfolio (XGRO.TO). This follows a 80/20 stock/bond approach and provides a one-stop passive investing approach providing global exposure. This was a small initial investment and over the months, I will continue buying regular amounts dollar cost averaging & building a full position. I still hold some bond positions that exist in these accounts and will leave them there for now until I am happy with the XGRO position & then sell those to go to a simple one-fund holding.
Second purchase is a speculative play in the gold junior mining sector. Recently I found that Eric Sprott has been selling some of his fortune made in Kirkland Lake Gold (KL.TO) (which I followed suit back in Feb 2017, and have profited immensely) and buying a big stake (10% at the time of this writing) in RNC Minerals (RNX.TO). This company has is a gold producer with focus in western Australia and has hit some phenomenal once-in-a-lifetime gold veins during some exploration projects. The news of this discovery is not new, but I wanted some bigger stakeholders to take control of the company before following suit, which I see with Eric Sprott. Mind you, its not a good idea to follow blindly, as you can get burned pretty bad in this sector (a lesson I learned the hard way with Novo Resources (NVO.V) last year). So, I have taken a relatively smaller position with 2000 shares @ CAD$0.73. There is a lot of speculation & hype around this company, so I am a bit nervous about this holding, but we’ll see where things go.

Full Disclosure: Long all mentioned stocks & bonds. Our full list of holdings is available here.

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