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Ten Dividend Growth Stocks I Purchased In October

I have been a dividend investor for over a decade. As part of my journey, I have developed a system for identifying attractively valued dividend growth stocks to add to my portfolio. After a decade of writing about investing, I started a premium investment newsletter in order to share my knowledge with readers who are looking for a serious resource to help educate them along their investing journey. I believe that this newsletter can be of value to both retired investors and those in the accumulation phase. I start by evaluating the dividend growth investing universe for attractiveness, in order to narrow down the list to companies that are good ideas for further research.

As part of my process I look for:

1) A dividend streak of annual dividend increases that is generally longer than 10 years
2) A dividend that is safe, as evidenced by a low payout ratio
3) A company that grows earnings, which means that there is fuel behind future dividend increases
4) Attractive valuation

Those guidelines are helpful to come up with a list of companies that I research further, one at a time in order to get a feel for the business and where it is going. As a long-term investor, I try to focus on companies that can keep earning more and paying more in dividends over time. I also try to acquire those interests at attractive valuations.

Successful dividend investing is much more than selecting a few companies however. It also involves sticking to your strategy through thick and thin, by buying and holding a diverse group of companies on a regular basis. Monitoring is important, but staying put and holding tight is even more important, because it allows the investor to reap the maximum rewards of the power of compounding. I also believe in equal weighting my portfolio, and security and sector diversification. However, I also try to follow the availability of opportunities, and allocate my capital in the securities that show the best promise, for the best valuation.

After going through my process this weekend, I came up with ten companies to add to my dividend growth portfolio. I purchased these ten dividend growth stocks after the market opened this Morning.

I sent a list of those companies, along with a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis to premium subscribers on Sunday. If you want to give my newsletter a try, you may do so by signing up here:

I believe that this newsletter is a bargain at $65/year. This comes out to less than 20 cents/day. If you sign up today, your price will never increase. Plus, there is a 7 day free trial. As part of my premium offering, I send a list of ten dividend growth stocks that I purchase for my dividend growth portfolio every single month.

This newsletter includes detailed analysis behind each security. The newsletter also includes a few notifications about dividend portfolio holdings, and important developments that affect the companies in the portfolio.