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50 Highest Yielding US Dividend Stocks

Dear Reader, find below a list of the 50 Highest Yielding US Dividend Stocks. Creating such high-quality content is hard work and takes a lot of time. You might have noticed that we don't display ads or get paid for our posts. We deliver this information for free.

Company NamePriceBetaP/EYieldDonate and receive the…
Cbl & Associates Pro3.661.36n/a21.16%Factbook of Cbl & Associates Pro
Ferrellgas Partners 1.770.06n/a19.92%Factbook of Ferrellgas Partners 
Cornerstone Total Re13.95n/an/a19.87%Factbook of Cornerstone Total Re
Sandridge Permian Tr2.74n/a6.0019.47%Factbook of Sandridge Permian Tr
Telecom Argentina18.23n/a24.3018.61%Factbook of Telecom Argentina
Pacific Coast Oil Tr2.891.14n/a17.86%Factbook of Pacific Coast Oil Tr
Nustar Gp Holdings11.651.565.8017.44%Factbook of Nustar Gp Holdings
Mobile Telesystems O8.391.198.2017.38%Factbook of Mobile Telesystems O
Martin Midstream Par11.750.5358.8017.24%Factbook of Martin Midstream Par
Arlington Asset Inve9.080.27n/a16.61%Factbook of Arlington Asset Inve
Golar Lng Partners L14.720.1810.8016.12%Factbook of Golar Lng Partners L
Navios Maritime Acqu0.510.14n/a15.68%Factbook of Navios Maritime Acqu
Chesapeake Granite W1.62n/a5.4015.65%Factbook of Chesapeake Granite W
Government Propertie11.290.3638.9015.51%Factbook of Government Propertie
Bp Prudhoe Bay Royal35.730.828.9015.32%Factbook of Bp Prudhoe Bay Royal
Oxford Lane Capital10.79n/an/a15.29%Factbook of Oxford Lane Capital
Summit Midstream Par15.30.98n/a15.23%Factbook of Summit Midstream Par
Cypress Sharpridge I6.320.56.0015.15%Factbook of Cypress Sharpridge I
Medley Management5.32n/an/a15.09%Factbook of Medley Management
Voc Energy Trust5.650.74n/a14.65%Factbook of Voc Energy Trust
Csi Compressco Lp5.570.73n/a14.56%Factbook of Csi Compressco Lp
Enduro Royalty Trust3.6n/a2.6014.39%Factbook of Enduro Royalty Trust
Digirad1.47n/an/a14.38%Factbook of Digirad
Wp Glimcher6.471.7419.0014.35%Factbook of Wp Glimcher
Healthcare Trust Of 25.640.2565.7014.31%Factbook of Healthcare Trust Of 
Sandridge Mississipp1.310.76n/a14.24%Factbook of Sandridge Mississipp
Mv Oil Trust11.910.0312.5014.21%Factbook of Mv Oil Trust
Blueknight Energy Pa2.12n/an/a13.91%Factbook of Blueknight Energy Pa
Buckeye Partners Lp36.520.6112.2013.82%Factbook of Buckeye Partners Lp
Zweig Fund10.44n/an/a13.58%Factbook of Zweig Fund
Cvr Refining Lp19.380.259.4013.57%Factbook of Cvr Refining Lp
Ticc Capital5.980.477.0013.54%Factbook of Ticc Capital
Garrison Capital8.33n/a10.3013.53%Factbook of Garrison Capital
Ngl Energy Partners 11.121.07n/a13.52%Factbook of Ngl Energy Partners 
Sandridge Mississipp1.3n/an/a13.43%Factbook of Sandridge Mississipp
Stein Mart2.290.04n/a13.39%Factbook of Stein Mart
Eagle Point Credit17.91n/a11.0013.36%Factbook of Eagle Point Credit
Thl Credit8.04n/an/a13.32%Factbook of Thl Credit
Orchid Island Capita6.940.24n/a13.30%Factbook of Orchid Island Capita
Eca Marcellus Trust 1.920.387.4013.26%Factbook of Eca Marcellus Trust 
New York Mortgage Tr6.020.47.3013.16%Factbook of New York Mortgage Tr
Ellington Residentia11.130.1429.3013.11%Factbook of Ellington Residentia
Mind C.t.i.2.33n/an/a12.99%Factbook of Mind C.t.i.
Usa Compression Part16.70.94n/a12.72%Factbook of Usa Compression Part
Western Asset Mortga9.860.226.2012.41%Factbook of Western Asset Mortga
Enbridge Energy Part11.451.4123.8012.40%Factbook of Enbridge Energy Part
Anworth Mortgage Ass4.480.113.6012.23%Factbook of Anworth Mortgage Ass
Zweig Total Return F11.25n/an/a12.12%Factbook of Zweig Total Return F
Blackrock Kelso Capi5.860.44n/a12.12%Factbook of Blackrock Kelso Capi
Kohlberg Capital3.430.168.6012.09%Factbook of Kohlberg Capital
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