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I bought these 10 dividend growth stocks for my portfolio

You may have noticed that I created a newsletter focusing on dividend growth stocks last week. I plan to invest $1,000 in a real world portfolio every single month, and let interested readers observe in real time how I build a dividend machine from scratch.

I just bought shares in ten companies this morning. Subscribers to my Dividend Growth Investor newsletter received a report of the companies I am planning to purchase at the market open in their emails.

If you want to give my newsletter a try, you may do so by signing up here:


The price for the newsletter is a bargain at just $6/month. If you subscribe at the low introductory rate today, the price will never increase for you.

Once you sign up, I will add you to my premium mailing list, and you will receive all exclusive content related to the portfolio.

Each month, I will be allocating $1,000 to my dividend portfolio by buying stakes in ten attractively valued companies. The newsletter will include information on the companies I am purchasing, along with a brief analysis of each company.

The ultimate goal of the portfolio is to generate $1,000 in monthly dividend income.

I plan to track this portfolio in real time over the next few years, and track our progress towards our goal.

I offer a 7 day free trial for new readers, after which you will be billed $6/month.

Thank you for reading Dividend Growth Investor.