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Outlook for June 2018

A bit late since I’ve had to travel for work last few days. Work has been extremely busy, so I haven’t had a chance to keep up with the markets and the steady flow of drama/news, which has actually been refreshing. I knew that I was consuming too much news and have cut back over the course of year or so, but last couple of weeks have shown that I am still consuming too much financial/social media and need to cut back.
I will keep this post really short and put a current snapshot of my portfolio as of May 31, 2018. Not much has changed as for the outlook and I still maintain a fairly defensive stance on the overall market.

Outlook for June 2018

My portfolio’s exposure to the Materials sector had crossed the 50% mark earlier this year, and I decided that I had to pull back and start selling some of my positions in order to manage my risk exposure. Even after a few sales over the past 2-3 months, the increased returns keep my portfolio close to 50% mark (see the stock diversification chart below) and I will be looking to taking more profits in coming months, while maintaining an overweight position to the sector.
50% is a line I have drawn in sand that I do not want to cross when it comes to exposure to a single sector of the market. There are still some good finds elsewhere as the market re-prices equities and we go through multiple contraction as the bond yields rise. I will be looking to diversifying my portfolio further in the coming months while maintaining a healthy cash position.
I also had a couple of my positions closed in May after the covered call options expired and got called away. I managed to book some healthy profit on that front, so can’t really complain.

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What are your thoughts on the points mentioned above? Do you have any specific thoughts on the markets and looking at anything interesting? Share with a comment below.
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