Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Reading Links - July 9, 2017

For your weekend reading pleasure, the articles listed below contain some of the best dividend and value investing insights found on the web. They were written by various members of the Dividend Investing and Value Network over the past week:

Articles From DIV-Net Members

- The Will to Win
- Happy Financial Independence Day
- Dividend Growth Investing at Work - Realty Income Keeps Rewarding Investors
- Employee Wellness- a strategic business imperative
- Take Two Interactive
- Dividend Increase Announcements for the Week Ending June 30, 2017
- Dividend Income Update June 2017
- June 2017 Independence Fund Update

- Get Out of the Zone – Autozone
- Monthly Review: June 2017
- Lanny’s June Dividend Income Summary
- June Dividend Income
- Recent Buy – General Mills (GIS)


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