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10 Cheap Dividend Growth Stocks Below $20 Price

Contrary to popular belief, not all dividend stocks are priced at double- and triple-digit levels. 

Some of them are downright cheap stocks, with prices below $20 per share, allowing income-seeking investors to own a round lot of them for not a lot of money.

Better still, while theoretically it shouldn’t matter, in reality, cheap stocks don’t face the eventual psychological hurdle of being valued at eye-popping prices that even cause veteran investors to balk.

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at nine attractive but cheap dividend stocks — each priced at less than $20 per share — that also offer nice to downright outstanding yields.

Each member of the attached stock list has grown dividends over more than 5 consecutive years while the market exceed 2 billion. More important is the valuation. The forward P/E is also under 15.

Only 10 stocks have a price tag below USD 20 per share.

These are the results...

10 Cheap Dividend Growth Stocks Below $20 Price
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