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Recent Sell – Bank of Nova Scotia

Another sale from my portfolio. Regular readers may be aware that I have been liquidating a lot of my portfolio as this market enters the nosebleed section. Valuations are at all-time highs and the world of finance looks just as dangerous as last decade, if not worse. I am of the opinion that holding large positions of cash going into the next crisis is a better strategy than trying to stay invested and trying to squeeze out an extra 1% or 2% in dividends or capital gains.

Last week, I sold 45 shares in Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO) @ C$71.00 and closed my position.

Recent Sell Decision

  • I have been selling for a variety of reasons — including market valuations, herd mentality from other investors, simplicity focus I desire and SWAN reasons. I have detailed all these thoughts in this post.
  • While the valuation of this particular stock is fine — its not overpriced by any measure, I decided to simplify my life and reducing the number of holdings. I want to follow a more concentrated approach to investing and betting big on a smaller set of companies.  So, the decision came down to whether I want to own two Canadian banks (the other one being Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD)), which have the similar exposures operating and competing with each other. After some consideration, I decided that I want to own just one. TD’s balance sheet, risk-profile and growth prospects are better in my opinion. This led me to decide to liquidate BNS and exit the position.
Total profit (including dividends during holding period of ~2 years): 12.47%

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