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20 Really Cheap Value Income Stocks With Yields Up To 32.21%

Dividend investing has always had a certain appeal with investors. Over time, dividend income has comprised a significant portion of long-term stock gains. That's what I've ever told on this blog.

Even better, over the long run, dividend-paying stocks have delivered better total return performance than non-dividend payers and generally have done so with lower volatility. 

But the big gain or retirement contribution comes from capital gains. If your income doubles, your investment amount should also double. If the market pays a higher multiple, you could even gain more.

Today I would like to navigate the focus to the cheapest stocks by fundamentals. Price to book and price to sales are two additional important criteria to evalueate the cheapness of a stock.

Attached you will find a list of stocks with solid future earnings growth while P/B and P/S are below the magic 1. The forward P/E is expected below 15. Damn Cheap how we would say.

Here are the results....

20 Really Cheap Value Income Stocks
With Yields Up To 32.93%
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