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My First Book: The Dividend Mantra Way

Where do I start?”
“What is dividend growth investing and why is it a good strategy for those seeking financial independence?”
“Why should I even seek financial independence?”
“Can you tell me more about how you started?”
I get these kinds of questions from readers (especially readers new to the blog) almost every day. I receive something like 15 emails per day, on average. It’s a true pleasure to be able to reach so many people. And I try to make sure every single one of those emails gets answered.

The blog now has more than 650 articles published. It’s just amazing for me to even write that. I never thought I’d have so much success. And I always secretly kind of wondered if I’d run out of things to write about after a year or so. That’s not the case, though, as my fire for writing, inspiring, and achieving financial independence has never burned brighter.
But considerable content can sometimes invite confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed. And it’s hard for you readers to sometimes find exactly what you’re looking for. As such, it’s not surprising that I get a lot of questions via email.
However, I noticed that I was answering the same ten or so questions over and over again. And I thought to myself how it’d probably be a good idea to put some kind of guide together that could point readers to all the best and most useful content.
So I decided to finally write a book!
So what’s it all about? 
Well, the book has four main sections. And each section contains five chapters.
The first section concentrates on my childhood, background, and personal experiences. I think it really sets the stage for the personal side of this journey.
The second section focuses on buying in. Why should anyone be interested in financial independence? What drives happiness? Why and how should we live below our means?
The third section discusses the overall strategy of dividend growth investing from a high level. I go over why this strategy makes sense from a fundamental perspective as well as a psychological one.
And the final section gets into more nuts-and-bolts advice that’s practical and actionable. I explore analyzing stocks, how to think about price and value, and approaching investing as a businessperson.
The book is highly complementary to the blog. I obviously used a lot of content here on the site as my base, but I went over everything to make sure that it’s all as helpful, inspirational, and evergreen as possible. In addition, I added a lot of fresh content to keep everything cohesive and flowing. And in regards to the content flowing, it starts out as light reading, but gets much heavier and more in-depth as the book progresses. This way it kind of warms you, the reader, up to some of the more complex information regarding investing and stocks.
So you can kind of think of the book as my “Best Of”. I’d liken it to a rock band you really like putting together a “Greatest Hits” album, where the band remasters some of their best tracks and adds a few brand new songs as well.
Many readers have also asked me over the years about ways to somehow directly support the site. Well, this is now a way to do just that. And I very much appreciate anyone out there who finds value in the product and purchases it. Thank you in advance!
This book is great for investors/readers/freedom fighters of all ages and all levels of progress. I purposely included content that I thought would not only offer maximum value and inspiration, but would also hopefully apply to readers across the spectrum. However, it’s probably especially useful and valuable for any newer readers/investors out there.
I’ve priced the book at $4.99. I think that’s fair considering the time and attention I put into the content that fills the book’s pages. But nobody has to purchase the book to get the full experience of what I offer here at Dividend Mantra. As I mentioned, the book is complementary.
However, I will note that this book is the first in a planned trilogy. I view the journey to financial independence much like climbing a mountain. And this is the first leg of the journey, describing the seemingly impossible task at hand and all the mistakes I committed leading up to starting my climb. And you can kind of follow along as I start the climb, eventually making my way up to base camp. I plan on writing a second book once I actually reach financial independence, sharing with the world what the view from the summit looks like. And then a third book would come much later down the road, maybe a decade or so after financial independence. In that, I’d share any challenges faced over that time frame and perhaps any regrets I might have. It’ll be interesting to see what I’d do differently, if I had to do it all over again.
As such, if you’re interested in following a story like that from start to finish, the book tracks the first leg.
I hope those who purchase the book really enjoy it. I’ve put my heart and soul into the content here at the blog over the last four years, in addition to doing my part in building this community. You’ll notice a new page at the top of the blog, which will be a dedicated area to promote the book.
Again, thank you. Thank you for all your support over the years. Thank you for making this blog what it is. Thank you for being part of the community.
Please spread the word on the book if you enjoy it. I priced it low enough to where I hope it can reach a fairly wide audience.

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