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Holiday Road and Back Again

Just because I care less about money, doesn’t mean it’s less important in the world we live in. I still need food, clothing and shelter and unless stores start to take beaver pelts, then I guess I’m stuck using it. One thing that has changed is that I use to think money was a necessary evil, that is until I learned money is not what is evil; it’s the way it’s obtained and how people use it that makes it evil. As long as we work hard for it doing honest work, then money is as evil as a baby kitten. Your intentions, whether for the good of humanity or for the sake of just yourself, are what ultimately makes things good or “evil”. *end of Hippy life lessons*

Investments Since June

I’ve been a busy beaver over the Summer working overtime and making some additions to my portfolio. I finally pulled the trigger on some shares in Tim Hortons (THI) when it dipped in July. Thanks to major hype with it being bought by Burger King, the shares have recently sky rocketed. Looking at this merger and the decline in Burger King locations and quality in western Canada, my non-investing educated gut is telling me I should sell. I have a profound feeling that profits will not be used in maintaining Tim Horton’s amazing dividend growth like in the past but will probably be spent paying for this merger. I did plan to hold Tim Hortons for the long term, but life has a funny way of saying, “Ha ha” to your plans. My Retort: “Bite me, Life”.

I also bought shares in Chorus Entertainment (CJR.B) and Saputo (SAP) in August. Both have the dividend growth I’m looking for and offer more diversification for my portfolio. Every time I go grocery shopping I see Saputo products being loaded into people’s carts, so why not add to my holdings on a pull back. As for Chorus, I see their logo all the time on TV and hear their company call on many of the radio stations across the country. Who doesn’t set their kid down to watch Treehouse? I might as well cash in while TV and Radio is still profitable.

Dividend Income Update From June and July

I was going to post dividend income updates for June and July but then I said “meh”. I really enjoy posting my dividend income each month as it makes me go through the numbers and physically keep track of it; something I probably wouldn’t do if it wasn’t for this blog. I just wasn’t sure if my readers enjoy them as much. It is a however, a great way to prove to the non believers that dividend investing does work and if a big buffoon like me can do it, anyone can. So let’s get to it!
Monthly income for June 2014: $449
That’s an increase of $63 from the $386 just a year ago. Just enough of an increase to buy me reduced produce and dented canned ham for 2 weeks if I were to retire tomorrow!
Monthly income for July 2014:  $857
That’s an increase of $155 for the $702 I made from a year ago. That’s enough of an increase to pay for my senior lawn bowling league fees if I were to retire tomorrow!
That about catches me up for the last few months. Look for more updates on a regular basis now as well as some changes to the static information under the tabs up top. Hope you all had a good Summer!

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