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Weekend Reading Links - May 18, 2014

For your weekend reading pleasure, the articles listed below contain some of the best dividend and value investing insights found on the web. They were written by various members of the Dividend Investing and Value Network over the past week:

Articles From DIV-Net Members

- 10 Stocks Enticing Investors With Higher Dividends
- Genuine Parts Company (GPC) Dividend Stock Analysis
- Portfolio Management Does Size Matter?
- The Dow's Below Average Run To A Record High
- How Sugar May Be Bad For Your Portfolio
- Early Financial Independence: The Tapering Plan (Fed Inspired)
- “Timing the market” with dividend stocks
- Using Google Docs for your Portfolio
- Buy, Write, Collect
- Fund vs. Fund – 1 Full Quarter
- Dividend payment of Procter & Gamble
- Passivity of Income

There are some really good articles here, please take time and read a few of them.