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Dividend Income Update: April 2014

I apologize for the lapse in posts. April was a really rough month emotionally for me dealing with my personal life. I really didn’t feel like writing about my personal finances while still fighting on the battlefield. The good news is its almost over and soon, I’ll be able to get on with my life and leave this wild roller coaster portion in the past. The things I had to deal and contend with were hilarious at times, it will make for some very interesting chapters in the book I plan to publish once this fiasco is over.

To break me out of this slump of negativity, it only makes sense to post another dividend income update to cheer me up. I’ve barely been keeping up with the markets, especially with all the talk about WW3 and phony employment numbers. Yet when I log in to my investment accounts my eyes bug out as the numbers have never been this high. Hmm, I must be doing something right I guess. If there was a large drop in the markets, then I would be equally happy as well. When people are selling quality stocks in a panic, I’m more than happy to take them off their hands at a steal of a deal.

My investment strategy allows me to be happy when the markets are up and totally happy when the markets are down. How can this be? Investing in the stock market is supposed to be a frightening roller coaster ride with gut wrenching twists at every dip in the market. Investing in quality dividend stocks is an easy and proven investment strategy, yet I always keep hearing dividend investing is losing favor with investors. What a load of horse shit! Dividend investing has been around for a very long time and the only reason it rises and falls in popularity is because of lapses in judgment as people see better investment opportunities, just like rising internet companies from the late 90′s! We all know how well that worked out.

Show me the Money!

April was an amazing month for my investment portfolio. All of the dividend increases announced for this year are starting to trickle in, making April the largest monthly dividend income amount ever for me. In April 2013, my total dividend income was $674. I’m pleased to announce my dividend income for April 2014 was:


That’s a huge increase from the previous year! I made a few investments earlier this year and didn’t post them due to legal reasons with my separation, so look for the details in an upcoming post. Now that I have the financial freedom to invest rather than pay down an ungrateful person’s student loan, you are going to see huge spikes in my monthly dividend income this year. Yay dividend investing!

Market Outlook

I’m no “investment scientist” by any means, but right now I’m saving cash and waiting for some worldwide market calamity to happen. Whether it’s the fools who sell in May or another World War, I’m sensing some market correction coming up in the near future. Every day I drive by a Tim Hortons and every day the same zombies line up in their combustible engine wagons, waiting for a daily dose of hot coffee bean water. I can’t help but be mad at myself for not buying THI when it was less than $30 a share. The dividend was so low at that time that it made more sense to invest in other stocks with a higher yield. I could have doubled my money with that investment but hindsight is undoubtedly 20/20. I have my eye on 100 shares of Tim Hortons, I’m just not sure if it’s the right time to pull the trigger. My luck would be to buy now, then have the market fall out from under me. The earnings weren’t so hot, but if enough zombies keep buying their bean water every day, then it’s probably a sure bet at any share price.

How was your April dividend income?

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