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Dividend Income Update: March 2014

One of my favourite things about March 2014 is… the fact  that it is over! Ok, that’s not entirely true! My favourite part of March 2014 was getting paid money for doing absolutely nothing. There’s no pyramid scheme or crappy products I have to buy and re-sell. I don’t have to bug my friends to join stupid clubs or invite them to silly parties where I force them to take pity on me and they feel compelled to buy the cheapest thing in the catalog.

Remember everyone, friends don’t make friends buy crap!

I don’t have to place tiny classified ads or sell money making kits to friends. I don’t buy condemned houses, throw on a coat of paint and cross my fingers hoping that the place doesn’t come crashing down until after some sucker purchases it. I don’t step on people in order to make my way to the top, nor do I cheat or lie anyone out of anything. I’d say the only people who are negatively impacted by me are the people who sell managed funds and investments.

Hooray For Dividends!

Instead of wasting my money on tech gadgets or impressing friends with my clothes and the vehicle that I drive, I buy common shares in quality companies that pay dividends to the share holders. These dividends get deposited to my trading account automatically and I don’t even have to think about it. I make money while I choose which jam to put on my toast in the morning or when I filling my car with gas. I even make money while drinking beers with the boys on wing night.

Last year my dividend income for March 2013 was $417. Not enough to quit my job or live like a rock star, but it is enough for a car payment or enough to heat and power your home for one month in the winter. What’s better then getting paid to do nothing? Getting a raise while getting paid to do nothing.

You see, my dividend income for March 2014 was:


 My monthly dividend income for the month of March went up 7.9 % in one year without lifting a finger. When is the last time you got a raise without lifting a finger!? The companies I invested in raised the dividends and now I make even more money. Over the years I will be investing more and more money in these solid companies until the day my monthly dividend income will be enough to pay my bills. Then I’ll be able stop working and live the life of financial freedom that most people dream about. And I’ll be doing it all with just a trades ticket.

Market Outlook

I’m no financial wizard nor do I pretend to be. I’m a realist and I look at the big picture with what I’ve learned from my own experiences. I’ll never forget the first year I started investing and I was traveling to Jamaica in May. My stomach dropped as the markets tumbled and I learned about a moronic investment practice, “Sell in may and go away”. Essentially investors sell all their stocks and sit on cash over the summer because the markets always tank in May for some amazing, unknown reason. Well it doesn’t take a genius to realize that the markets take a beating whenever a large number of people systematically take all their money out at the same time; who knew!?

Well the only thing an investor like me can do is to buy when everyone is selling. After all, it is the golden rule of investing. If people sell their stocks in a great company just because the market dips a little, then by all means let them. I’m actually hoping for a downswing in the next few months as prices are really high right now. Until then I’ll just keep counting my dividends and wait patiently for the right time to pull the trigger.

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