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Dividend Income Update: February 2014

I can’t believe it’s March; has it been FIVE months of winter already?! Here’s hoping for an early Spring this year. Well if I can’t look forward to warmer weather, at least I can look forward to another dividend income update. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post, I just wanted to clarify something with my readers.

“..I’m Sorry Dave, I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That..”

I love receiving mail from people who have questions about getting into dividend investing. I can guide you in the right direction to open a brokerage account and questions you might have about investing in dividend stocks. When people write and ask which stocks to buy, that’s where I can’t help you. I am not a financial planner or someone who works in the Investment world, I’m merely a tradesman that took an interest in learning how to invest on my own. I’m not qualified to answer questions about taxes either. I only post about questions I had that were answered directly by revenue Canada themselves.

That’s also why I don’t post a detailed analysis of any stocks either. I simple share what metrics I look for and my own thought process I use before buying shares in any company. I find stock analysis painful and boring and would rather spend my life doing things I enjoy like shopping for a new toque or having afternoon tea with the Queen of Dairy and sometimes the King of Burger. Any monkey can copy and paste pictures of graphs from the internet and post figures and values that someone else has calculated; I’m just saying I wouldn’t take their advice over someone who does it for a living. Now on to the good stuff.

Show me the money!

Looking back through the dusty tombs of the Loonie Bin archives, I’ve carefully calculated and tabulated the dividend income from February 2013 to be $172. I’m very pleased to announce the total dividend income from the month of February 2014 was:


Slightly higher than 3 months ago but thanks to dividend increases that figure will be much higher down the road. Slowly but sure the dividends keep coming in and as long as I’m patient, which I am, and keep my cool with this strategy, which I will, then I’ll be able to see the light at the end of my working class tunnel sooner than I ever thought possible.

Now what?

It will be interesting to see how the tensions with Russia will impact markets. I’m in no rush to make any purchases in the next little while as no one really knows what will happen. It’s amazing that investors will sell and run every time there is a small ripple in the pond. Will a billion dollar company making toilet paper really be effected by a sudden war across the globe? Everybody wipes, even people fighting… especially people fighting in a war! Even the panicked investors who sell their shares in order to keep their pile of money need to wipe (At least I hope they do).

The point I’m trying to make is that the company making TP will still be making TP no matter what happens half way around the world. If I had money invested in Rubles I could see maybe selling, but I don’t. When the markets head for the toilet I don’t get scared, I get excited! I’m more than happy to buy shares in quality companies from panicked investors for a much lower price. We all know the markets will recover and the shares will go back up eventually. So I say let the markets drop all they want because I’ll be there making money regardless of what happens.

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