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I Have An Extra Worker In The House Who Gives Me 100% Of Their Earnings

What would you say if someone knocked on your door one day asking you if they could live in your house, but promise to use up no water, no electricity, eat no food and require no space, and yet would go out and get a part-time job and give you 100% of their earnings? Would this be an arrangement you could dig?

I know it's a setup I would love to have. Better yet, it's an arrangement I already have.

Dividends are my extra worker in the house. I get paid cash money, deposited into my brokerage account every few days or so. These amounts vary from just a few dollars all the way up to almost $100 at a time.
But, you know what's wonderful about it? This money required no work on my part. I simply made great decisions with surplus capital in days previous. I decided years ago to live below my means and invest every free dollar I could into high quality companies. And what has this lifestyle done for me so far? 

Well, I'm expecting to receive somewhere north of $4,500 in dividends over the next twelve months. That breaks down to about $375 per month in completely passive income. Taking it one step further, that is like a part-time worker in the house making $10 per hour and working almost nine hours per week every week all year long and giving me all of it. No lunch break. No coffee stop in the morning. No clothing allowance. No vacations. No holiday time. I get all of it!

Furthermore, this part-time worker is likely going to keep receiving raises that outpace inflation over the long haul. Where my job income is tied to a fixed commission rate, the part-time worker living with me isn't bound by such constraints. He'll likely see 7-10% raises every single year, passing on all of it to me. 

The wonderful thing about this is that anyone can do this. I'm no genius. I've never taken an IQ test, but I'm quite sure I'd score about average. Furthermore, I know that I don't need to score high. All I need to do is recognize that life is only lived once and I want to live mine on my own terms. I want to spend more time with family and friends, continue to engage in passions that drive me and make some of my dreams come true. Unfortunately, it's hard to do things like that when most of my dwindling time is being spent at work.

I'm changing my life one day at a time. I continue to believe in the power of frugality, leveraging my savings and increasing my investments in high quality companies that have a history of increasing dividends and rewarding shareholders generously. These dividends will eventually grow to the point to where this part-time worker living with me is a full-time worker and making more money than I do. At that point, I'll ask myself why I'm still spending 50+ hours per week at the office when I have a friend giving me more money than I could ever hope to spend. 

So, if you haven't already started then you need to get busy on finding yourself a part-time worker that would love to do nothing more than to give you all of their money all while asking for nothing in return. It's a wonderful arrangement that I'm sure you'll be thrilled with! And if you've already got hundreds of dollars coming into the household with no extra work on your part you're well on the way to financial independence. One day the world will be yours!

How about you? Have an extra part-time worker in the household?

Thanks for reading.

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