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Do You Have A Dream?

What do you want out of life? Have you ever really sat down and thought about this?

I have. And I do, often.

Life, in my eyes, is so precious. You only get one try and it's important to get it right.

Do you have a dream? What is it? Are you doing everything you can to reach it?

I have a dream. I have a dream where my time is my own, and I owe it to no one else. I have a dream where I can wake up when my body is ready, go to sleep when I'm tired and never again live by schedules other than my own. I have a dream where I can be who I really am: an investor, artist, philosopher, friend, brother, son, partner, fitness enthusiast and would-be philanthropist. I want to make the world a better place. I want to read and learn and become a smarter person every single day. 

I have a dream where I can travel the world and learn from other cultures. I have a dream where I can help others in need, where I can give a helping hand to people less fortunate than myself. I have a dream where I inspire others to reach for their respective dreams, whatever they may be.

What do you dream of? Is it for more money? I can assure you that it won't buy you happiness. Instead of dreaming of money, dream of the things that excess capital allows you to have: more time and thereby freedom to do as you please. This blog concentrates a great deal on money, but only because of the control over my life that I believe money will allow me. I'm saving as much of my net income as I possibly can by living frugally so that I can leverage this excess capital into equity positions in high quality companies that pay dividends and raise them on a regular basis. One day these dividend payouts will exceed my expenses. I could keep working and investing and eventually become a multimillionaire, but once my passive income exceeds my expenses I'm finished, done, finito, kaput. Capiche?

What do you want to be? What do you do for a living? Do these two match? How can you do more of the former and less of the latter if they don't?

I'm not waiting for tomorrow to reach for my dreams. I'm already indulging in as many of my interests as possible. I consider myself an artist as a writer, and I do my best to inspire others through Dividend Mantra. I spend hours in the gym trying to maintain my physique and push myself to be a better person, physically. I do my best to cultivate the relationships that are important to me by spending my limited time with the people that mean the most to me. I love being an investor and I do everything I can to be the best investor I possibly can. The point is to become aware of what your dreams are, immediately start reaching for them and not wait for tomorrow. Certainly my overarching goal is to realize 100% of my time here on Earth by no longer having to trade away my most valuable commodity to an employer for a paycheck. But while that goal is still a decade off, it doesn't mean that I can't try to make myself and the world better in the meanwhile.

I have a dream. I have a dream where I'm as free as the day I was born. I have a dream where the only thing I want to own in life, my time, is mine free and clear. Our time is given to us the day we're born, yet few of us actually own it. It's a shame. I have a dream where I take my time and life back, and help others to take theirs back too.

Do you have a dream? 

Thanks for reading. 

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