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Using The Power Of The Mind To Save Money

We are conscious beings and we have the power to do anything we put our minds to. The human body itself is a marvel of chemical reactions, nerve impulses and regeneration that cannot be easily duplicated, even with most modern technology we have developed. The most powerful computers today can process and solve millions of calculations in seconds, yet they cannot process the amount of information the brain receives from one second of sight from your eyes, let alone the rest of the information it receives from the rest of the body. Even though you might be lousy at math, your brain is processing information faster then the most powerful computers on earth without you even being aware of it.

How does this apply to saving???

Saving money is a simple process when you think about it. You deposit excess funds that you do not spend into an account each month. Sounds simple enough, but why do people have such a hard time saving their money?

It’s the same reason why people have trouble losing weight.

To lose weight, you lower your caloric intake and exercise your body to burn off stored energy. Again, a simple process yet millions of people struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. It all has to do with the power of our minds!

It’s All About Willpower

We all have the ability to do ANYTHING that we put our minds to. The strength of our will to do these things is called our “willpower”. Keep in mind, not everyone has the same level of willpower. When you are sitting on the couch and you crave potato chips, your willpower is what makes you get up and head to the kitchen cupboard.

Your willpower is also what makes you decide not to get the bag of potato chips in the first place because they are not healthy for you. The choice we make ultimately effect our lives one way or another. We either choose to sit on the couch and eat potato chips or we skip the couch and chips all together and spend our time being active and eating healthy.

Willpower And Financial Goals

Willpower is the control that we can use to help us save money. When we see something we want to buy, we either will ourselves to buy it, or will ourselves to save our money to save for something else. Having financial goals allows us to channel our willpower towards a more rewarding or worthwhile use of our money.

For example:

Jim has always had a desire to own his own home. In order to purchase a house he needs to save $20,000 as a down payment for the mortgage. Since Jim really wanted a house, he makes a conscious decision for the down payment to be his current financial goal.

Jim walks into a big box store a few days later and sees a great deal on a big screen TV for $1500. Jim must now choose between spending $1500 on a new big screen TV or saving the $1500 towards a down payment on a house.
Since Jim’s desire to own a home outweighs his desire of a new big screen TV, Jim’s willpower allows him to walk out of the big box store empty handed. Two years later Jim was able to save up the $20,000 for a down payment on a nice house and is now a satisfied home owner.

The Choice Is Yours

Whether your financial goal is a $60,000 SUV or a $60,000 down payment for a house, we all have the ability to make our financial goals a reality. If owning thousands of Blu-Rays or having the latest tech gadget is what makes you happy, then all the power to you. If you spend all your money then complain that you can’t afford nice things then you need to realize it’s your own fault. Our minds are able to manifest anything we really want; we just need to have the drive to make the right things happen. Willfully making positive financial decisions is the first step to help you to become a Master Saver.

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