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Dividend Toolkit: The Reviews are In

I published the Dividend Toolkit a few months ago, and hundreds of investors have already purchased it. It includes a 200 page PDF guide on how to analyze dividend stocks in a streamlined way, and comes with the spreadsheet tool that I use to quickly calculate the fair value of a stock.
That’s why I developed it. There were already some solid dividend books on the market, but the digital nature of this one allows for the material to work directly with the spreadsheet tool. Some books give you equations to use, but this one gives the equations, describes in detail the reasons they work, and then provides the spreadsheet tool that allows you to use those equations literally in seconds. The content in this guide is rather different from any other book on dividend investing you’ll read.
Several investing bloggers reviewed it, so I figured I’d compile the reviews here:
“This is not your average investing E-book! I’ve never read an E-book filled with such detailed and genuine information in my life. Whether you are just starting out or you think you know everything there is about dividend investing, The Dividend Toolkit will take you through the basics as well as advanced chapters on finding the right companies to invest in and create a dependable flow of passive income.”
-Loonie Bin Review
“In summary, this book is an excellent guide for dividend growth investors. It covers basic and advanced topics in a comprehensive yet readily understandable manner. I recommend the book to anyone who is interested in becoming a successful investor by building a sustainable and growing stream of income from dividends.”
-Dividend Growth Machine Review
“I would say that this book is one of the best books I’ve ever read on dividend growth investing.”
-Dividend Mantra Review
“The price is BEYOND reasonable just for the spreadsheets and this one chapter.”
-My Journey to Millions Review
“Matt Alden, the man behind the curtain over at Dividend Monk, has produced something very rare in the blogging world: an E-book that is actually worth reading.”
-Dividends For the Long Run Review
“I’ve enjoyed reading the Dividend Toolkit even though it will take perhaps a few more reads to fully understand all of the information provided. Whatever investing level you are at you will likely learn something new after reading this book.”
-Six Figure Investor Review
“I can say that Matt’s unique characteristic is definitely his in-depth analysis style.”
-Dividend Guy Review
“The Dividend Toolkit is well researched, well presented, and provides many examples. At 200 pages long this toolkit is an excellent resource for any serious DIY investor looking to expand their knowledge.”
-Simply Investing Review
I really appreciate these reviews. All of these blogs are solid personal finance or value/dividend investment sites, so be sure to check them out. I’ll update this page if more reviews come in.
If you haven’t yet read the Toolkit and used the spreadsheet tool, these reviews provide some third-party opinions of the material. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of dividend investing, allows you to develop deep and fundamental knowledge of the subject, and folds everything down into concise and actionable steps to take.
You can read about and buy the Dividend Toolkit here.

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