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Philip Morris International - Dividend Increase

Philip Morris International (PM) recently raised its dividend by 20.3%! The new quarterly dividend is $0.77 per share, which is $3.08 annualized. This is a pretty hefty increase from the old quarterly dividend of $0.64.

This 20.3% raise in my dividend income from PM is just one reason why I love dividend growth investing! This is, effectively, like getting a 20% raise at work. The main difference is that I didn't have to do ANYTHING to receive this raise. I didn't have to kiss up to my boss, show up early, stay late or complete an extra project. The only thing I had to do was invest with PM, a high quality international tobacco company that I'm fairly bullish on.

The current yield as of close today on PM is 3.79%, which while pretty strong, is actually fairly low among tobacco companies. The yield based on the new payout is 4.55%. That is a great entry yield for a company that has excellent long-term prospects, in my opinion.

I'm currently long on PM, and am considering adding to my position. I think it's a solid company, and it's a major international player in the tobacco business.

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