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Dividend Income Update - August 2011

August has come and gone and it seems like it just started yesterday. Sometimes I truly cannot believe how fast time flies by. I don't mean to say this as a cliche. I actually mean that time seems to fly by for me. This is just one of many reason I would like to retire so early in life. Once time is behind you, there is no way to get it back. I want to harness as much of that limited time as possible!

I've tallied up the dividends received from August, and it's very close to the total received in July. It's not a huge number, and I've said before that my dividends are pretty small potatoes compared to other bloggers' dividends...but it's still just starting for me. I think it won't be long before I'm looking back on these totals with a big smile as I see where it all began.

August 2011 Dividends Received

  • Abbott Laboratories (ABT) - $34.08
  • Procter & Gamble (PG) - $26.78
Total dividends received for the month of August: $60.86.

Overall, it was as expected for this month. I had only two positions paying out in August, although they are two of my larger positions. I think I'm very close to the point where double-digit dividend totals are behind me. I look very much forward to receiving dividends over $100 every single month. At any rate, this is passive I didn't work to receive it. I'm very happy to receive anything at all as quality companies are paying me to invest in them. I'm just incredibly excited every time I log in to my brokerage account to see fresh capital deposited and ready to invest! I can think of few things more exciting.

I'm behind my goal of producing $1,200 in total dividend income for the year of 2011. I have produced a total of $618.57 in dividends through August. I'll have a pretty tough time making up ground and reaching my goal with only four months to go and it's highly unlikely I'll actually reach it. That's OK, as it's fun setting up a fairly difficult goal for myself and seeing how close I can get to it. If you aim for the lowest star, you're sure to reach it. I like to see how high in the sky I can fly!

I'll update my dividend income page to reflect August's dividends.

Thanks for reading.

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