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10 Books I am Reading on my Kindle

I have always enjoyed reading, but I never thought I would be reading as much as I am now. What has changed? The Amazon Kindle 2 and the ease and ability to carry around a bunch of books at once. This device is amazing. Compared with the Apple iTouch, iPhone, or even the Sony Reader, the Kindle is about as ugly as a rhino but it is hard to dispute the impact the ease of getting books delivered wirelessly is. This fact alone has me reading more books than I have ever done before.

The real beauty is that an investor has access to personal finance and investing books through the Kindle store. I now can satisfy my crazy appetite for investing books without having to carry them around. I travel a lot so having these books in one little device has been good for my back! Here are some that are on my Kindle right now, and some I will add as I make my way through those (note - not affiliate links as Amazon does not allow that):

1. The Investor's Manifesto
2. The Little Book of Main Street Money
3. The Perfect Portfolio
4. The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning
5. The New Coffeehouse Investor
6. The Four Pillars of Investing
7. The Ultimate Dividend Playbook
8. The Intelligent Investor
9. The Dhandho Investor
10. Your Money and Your Brain

Please note these are not affiliate links as Amazon does not allow that for Kindle books. However, if you are interested in a Kindle, please feel free to click here:

 Don’t get me wrong - there are a lot of things that need to be improved about the Kindle. Especially the fact that not all books are available, due in part to publishers unwillingness to publish Kindle versions ahead of hardcopy versions. In addition, depending on which region you live in, not all books will be available for you. Reminds me of the MPAA and their protectionist attitudes with mp3’s. The MPAA has lost that war, and I suspect that book publishers will too as pirated versions of eBooks are becoming available.  I have not gone down that route as there are just enough available in my region to satisfy my appetite.   In an event, I believe ebooks are here to stay and the experience will only get better as we all figure this out.

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