Friday, February 6, 2009

Barron's Dividend Aristocrats Video

Barron's has an interesting video about the Dividend Aristocrats. Thanks to Disciplined Approach to Investing for psting the video on his blog in the first place. It definitely seems that Barron's is indeed reading my blog. If you scroll to 21st second of the video you will see a snapshot of a table that I originally posted on my blog in this post from June 2008.

Other than that my blog has been featured on several prominent sites from time to time including but not limited to WSJ, The Street (here, here and here) and Motley Fool. Most of my articles also appear regularly on Seeking Alpha, which is the best blog aggregators on the net.

The best publicity that I have received so far however comes from TheDiv-Net and its members.

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  1. DGI,

    And they never gave you proper credit for the stock table either. :)

  2. David,

    It definitely seems that the mainstream media could be getting ideas for articles from blogs and not the other way around.

    I do not care if they link to me or not; the mere fact that they are using something from my blog shows that they have found it worthwhile their time, which is a huge compliment. :-)


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