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10 Steps to Improve Your Financial Future

One of the podcasts I listen to every week is Sound Investing. As I was searching through You Tube the other week for investment related materials, I came across a number of video posts that have done summarizing their investment approach. This particular video I am posting here describes 10 steps to improve your financial future. I think it is a pretty good summary of things that a lot of people need to do now, especially in light of this crazy market we are going through. Here is the video:

As a summary, here are the 10 steps deiscussed in the video:

1. Focus on you and your need for a return on your investments
2. Understand your risk profile
3. Be diversified
4. Reduce expenses
5. Unload bad assets
6. Add good assets
7. Balance non-correlated funds
8. Add fixed income
9. Get your spouse involved
10. Confirm with a pro

Now, I do recognize that it is a bit of a sales pitch for their firm - point 10 pretty much confirms that! However, as far as the basics of investing goes I think it is pretty hard to refute steps 1 through 9 as something to do to create a strong portfolio into the future.

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