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Increase Your Dividend Income in 2009!

As another new year is now upon us many of us turn to goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. Losing weight is probably the big one; notice how busy the gym gets this time of year. I personally feel that growing dividend income is a really solid goal to go after in 2009.

If you are currently pulling in money in the form of dividends, why not set a goal now to grow dividend income by a certain amount by New Years 2010? We all like obtaining raises in employment income, and this is a worthwhile pursuit, but the road to growing dividend income is certainly more straightforward.

So how do we go about this? Save more money. Where can you chop expenses, what can you avoid purchasing to instead grow your dividend income. At current stock valuations, 2009 might just be a good year to build on your portfolio and grow your dividend income. I am betting that you will not regret this action if you invest in high quality firms that tend to raise their dividends regularly. Invest in your future and feed your dividend income in 2009!

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