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Online Financial Calculator Suggestions

Online calculators are an interesting thing. There are some things you never thought you needed a calculator for, yet someone somewhere has created a nifty look web-app that can calculate the moon cycle of when your next investment should be! In all seriousness though, there are literally thousands of online financial calculators available to help investors manage their portfolios. This post will list a few of them for you to try out.

Advantage of Early Investing

This calculator is pretty cool, however it can be a bit depressing the older you get. Basically it shows you the difference between investing early in live versus later in life. The answer is obvious - the sooner you start the better you will be. However, it is amazing how drastic the difference can be. Check it out at Canadian Financial Calculators and Worksheets - it is in the top right of the screen.

Compound Annual Growth Rate Calculator

This is my favorite calculator. I enter a company's dividend 10 years ago, the dividend today, and the number of years and it tells me what the annual return is. See it at Moneychimp.

Mutual Fund Fee Calculator

Anyone who reads investing blogs regularly knows that mutual funds are the greatest scam to hot the investing public. If you don't believe me, then play around with the Mutual Fund Fee Impact Calculator and see for yourself. It is written with Canadians in mind, but the message is the same. However, Canadians must realize that we get ripped off even more than our neighbors to the south!

Those are just a quick three. There are many others - do a search for "investment calculators" or "dividend calculator" in Google and see what you come up with. Be sure to use the comments to let us all know the gems that you find!

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