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A Contrarian Strategy In The Newspaper Industry

Every investor is aware of the slow death of the Newspaper Industry and all the problems that the publicly traded stocks have been having the last few years as advertising migrates to the Internet and circulation dwindles. There is a least one newspaper that has adopted a different strategy.

The paper is the TriCityNews of Monmouth County, N.J. and according to the article in the New York Times, it is flourishing and profitable precisely because it is not putting its content on the web.

“Why would I put anything on the Web?” asked Dan Jacobson, the publisher and owner of the newspaper. “I don’t understand how putting content on the Web would do anything but help destroy our paper. Why should we give our readers any incentive whatsoever to not look at our content along with our advertisements, a large number of which are beautiful and cheap full-page ads?”

The article in the Times is here.

It's interesting to hear a contrarian point of view on how things should be run.

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