Friday, November 7, 2008

Zecco Online Discount Stock Brokerage Review

Zecco, the online stock brokerage has revolutionized online stock trading over the past two years with its ten free trades per month policy, no account minimums and the ever growing investment community that this broker has created on their site. Using Zecco’s community you could get in touch with thousands of investors, who are taking advantage of the free stock/ETF trading.

Since I make several trades a month as part of my process to build my dividend portfolio, the free trades that Zecco offers its brokerage customers could really save me some money. The main reasons why people switch over to Zecco include:

1. Zecco offers 10 free stock trades/month if you open an account with $2,500
2. After you use the ten free trades per month you are charged only $4.50 for stock trades
3. The execution is instantaneous for market orders and there’s no slippage
4. There are no minimum balances to open and keep your brokerage account
5. There are no monthly inactivity fees for brokerage accounts
6. You can trade stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds
7. The account opening process is straightforward and there’s no paperwork involved – it’s all electronic
8. You get free real time quotes and charts with your Zecco account.
9. You can open a Traditional, Roth or Rollover IRA.
10. If you link your brokerage account to your checking/savings account your ACH transfers take 2 business days

The ten free stock trades per month are definitely worth opening an account at Zecco. Ready to try Zecco? Use the following links and get 10 commission free trades per month:
Links Description Buy Stocks Online for $0 Trade stocks for free on,the Free Trading Community.
Trade Stocks for Free 100% free stock trade. Open an account with $2,500 minimum and get 10 trades per month commission free.

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  1. Quoting - What do I get for referring my friends? Our Current rewards are: $65 cash deposit into your Zeeco Trading account.

    One way to build your investment portfolio.

  2. Sadly not available to Canadian investors.

  3. This is true - I would be getting a $65 for everyone that signs up through the referal link. The investors that sign up through the link will be getting a free book.

    I do think however that the 10 free Zecco trades are the best deal for long term dividend investors. The platform is simple to use and the execution is as good as the $7-$10/trade places.

  4. do the reinvest dividends and i f they do reinvest would they do fractional share reinvesting

  5. You could do dividend reinvestment, however they don't offer fractional shares at this time.

  6. I am splitting the Zecco bonus with anyone that sign up and funds a new account with $2,500. Send me an email and I will send a link. I have paid out over $100 in bonuses.

  7. What is their business model ? how do they make any money w/o charging a commission?


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