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Income From Investments Update

Our non-registered investment portfolio is still solidly in the accumulation phase as we add saved funds and invest them in dividend paying stocks within Canada and the United States over time. This portfolio was opened in April of 2006, and is now a focal point of our financial future.

Our total income from investments within this portfolio currently sits at $2,321.16 Canadian dollars. This is 193.43/month and $6.36/day. I like breaking the income down into monthly and daily values which makes it easier to compare it against some of our bills and expenses. One way to think about it is that we have an extra member of our family unit who earns $6.36 per day in income, and even works on weekends. This is a 86% increase from October of last year where we were receiving $1,249/year. As of writing this our yield sits at a lofty 5.4%, and our yield on original investment is 4.2%. See the chart below for our progress since December of 2006.

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