Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Golden Arches Raise Dividend 33%

Iconic fast food chain McDonalds (MCD) has raised their dividend from $0.375/share to $0.50/share. This represents an increase of 33%. McDonalds' global sales were credited as fuel for the pay out raise.

The company has raised its dividend each year since the company began paying one in 1976.

Here is a glance at the company's recent dividend history:

2005- $0.67
2009 -$2.00 (estimated)

This represents a compounded annual growth rate of the dividend of 29.5%. The stock is currently trading at around $60 and yielding about 3.3%. This company has really been executing well over the past few years. In March of 2003 the stock actually traded below $13/share. This is certainly one we all wish we had owned for the past 5 years. As a former employee I wish I had been paid in stock instead.

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  1. Sweet. I doubt however that their employees are making that much on average. They should have been better off getting education.

  2. I don't know about the east but in western Canada the employee's are making close to $15/hour.That is pretty good for a non education job and safer then the oil field

  3. If I had been paid in stock instead of the $7.60/hour I was making back in 1996 I would be quite happy today.

  4. MG,

    Actually you could have invested your salary earnings into MCD stock.
    And where i live i think that shift mgrs make $9/hour. So I guess canadian mcd employees have it pretty sweet..

  5. And Mcdonalds continues to increase their dividends over time. I love it!


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