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The Market Goes Down but I Still Receive My Dividends

Let's face it - the markets are not very friendly these days and anything we as investors have done has not shown positive results. In fact, it seems like things have gone from bad to worse as the Lehman and AIG fiascos have all but stopped the markets from functioning entirely. Even way over here in Norway, the markets are tanking as a result of poor fiscal management by these large conglomerates. However, this pain has been tempered by the fact that I continue to receive my dividend checks into my brokerage accounts. In fact, in the past two months alone (August and September) I have received a number of dividend payments.

Here is a look at a couple of the dividend payments I have received over these past couple of months:

15-AUG-2008 Procter & Gamble $13.23
22-AUG-2008 Royal Bank: $102.34
22-AUG-2008 Citigroup: $15.67
02-SEPT-2008 Wal-Mart Stores: $4.29
03-SEPT-2008 Pfizer: $36.37
09-SEPT-2008 Johnson & Johnson: $2.79
10-SEPT-2008 McGraw-Hill Companies: $2.06
16-SEPT-2008 McDonald's: $2.61

I know it does not look like much. However, this money will get reinvested into more and more shares and over the long term (20+ years) these additional shares that I am able to purchase with reduced stock prices should help enhance my returns. That is the plan anyway, and if history is any guide then this crappy market will pass and we will see a more robust and up trending market. Only time will tell!

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