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A Great Podcast for Investors

I spend a lot of time commuting to and from work - both via my bike and running. This gives me a lot of time to tune into my iPod touch to listen to music or now more often than not, podcasts. Of course, like a lot of people out there I listen to the tech stables such as TWIT, MacBreak Weekly, and Diggnation. However, I have also been listening to an investing podcast which I have found to be very interesting.

Before I tell you which podcast it is, I want to mention that this particular podcast touts the concept of index investing. Although I use individual securities in my own personal portfolio I also believe strongly in another focus of their podcast, that of asset allocation. I also believe that for most investors index investing is the way to go. In fact, if you look at my own portfolio then you will see that along with my individual securities I also have build up a solid foundation of index funds that I will continue to contribute to for years to come.

So what is this podcast in question? It is Sound Investing, produced by an investment firm called Merriman Berkman Next, Inc. Here is a little information about them:

Sound Investing is a weekly radio program hosted by financial educators Tom Cock, Paul Merriman and Don McDonald. The program has been on the air for 8 years in Seattle, heard Sunday mornings at 10 on 570AM KVI , and is also on the air in Palm Springs and Wenatchee , Washington .

Sound Investing provides clear, concise advice on money and retirement, and includes interviews with the most influential people in the money business including Vanguard’s Jack Bogle, Kiplinger’s Knight Kiplinger, and Money Magazine’s Jason Zweig.

So, if you find yourself commuting to and from work and need to learn a little bit about investing, then this is one podcast to check out.

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