Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Brief Dividend Growth History

Two years ago this month I was 27 years old and I had just opened an online brokerage account with aspirations to build a portfolio for my family's future. I slowly put together a watchlist of stocks and concentrated on saving money and learning as much as I could about stocks and the market. Over time, and as I educated myself, I became naturally attracted to dividend growth investing. The characteristics of dividend growth investing which drew me in are many, and the enthusiastic authors of The DIV-Net will likely cover several of these attributes in detail.

In August of 2006 my dividend portfolio of stocks yielded less than $150/year in income. As the months went by I continued to save money regularly and buy dividend stocks when I felt that they offered good value. Many of the companies I own have raised their dividends several times since I originally bought chunks of them. By August of 2007 my yield had grown to $1,252/year, and today it sits at $2,087/year. Today I continue to view dividends as half of my journey to financial freedom. Dividends are the brushstrokes that I put on today, in creating a masterpiece for the future.

I've been through a lot as a dividend investor, but yet I've been through nothing. I'll write more about what I mean by this in next week's post.

This article was written by the moneygardener.


  1. Nice progress. Dividends may be half the journey but over time they'll provide you with a Full-time retirement

  2. One can only hope, and stay the course.

  3. Thanks for posting this financial insight MG. I am going to be 27 this year and I have started my journey on building a solid dividend portfolio. This network is such an excellent resource that I make sure to check everyday.

  4. Thanks anon, now is a good time to start, good luck.

  5. MG,

    Your article describes how most of us got started in dividend investing.
    My favorite post from you is your dividend chart trending upwards. Sure you might be making $5-$10/day from dividends today, which most people probably laugh at now.. But the truth is that this is true passive income for which do not have to work. And I am confident that years from now you will be making much more than $5-$10/day from your dividend investments.

  6. dgi, I really like the concept of the dividend chart being the driver in investing. Forget the market, just take solice in the dividend chart.

  7. MG,
    slow and steady wins the race, remember the tortoise winning it in the end. No matter what you do, the chart will keep growing if one has courage to stick to the principles. All it requires is, in essence, "do nothing"....


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