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Submit An Article

To submit an article for publication consideration on The DIV-Net, see below.

Associate Members in good standing are eligible to submit articles for publication. Articles should be on topic (about dividend or value investing). To submit an article please follow these instructions:

  1. To see if you are in good standing, click here and make sure your site is on the list. Not an Associate Member? Click here for information on becoming an Associate Member.
  2. Create the article as you normally would on your blog. But do NOT publish it on your blog! The DIV-Net only publishes original works.
  3. The article should contain the following footer (the last line): "This article was written by [link to your blog]. If you enjoyed this article, please consider subscribing to my feed at [feed link]."
  4. Save the article's HTML in a text file - Be sure to include a title.
  5. Email the text file to Dividends4Life at the email supplied to you when joining DIV-NET.
  6. You will be notified within 7 days if your article is selected for publication.
  7. If your article is not selected, you may publish it on your blog 7 days after submitting it to The DIV-Net.
  8. Seven (7) days after your article is published on The DIV-Net, you may republish it on your blog with this header (the first line): This article originally appeared on [link to article on The DIV-Net] [date e.g. May 13, 2008].
Due to the number of articles received and the limited posting slots, not all articles received can be published.

- 10/12/2009: Changed submission procedure to emailing it to Dividends4Life
- 05/26/2008: Adopted via unanimous vote of the Executive Committee